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Open Progress

Leading up to the November Midterms, we worked with Open Progress, a nonprofit whose work is critical in defying the hold of big money on government, to animate viral videos to energize voters on social media. 

We worked closely together on a viral video featuring Black-ish star Jenifer Lewis, designing and creating animations to cut her performance into a hilarious spot run nationally by Knock the Vote, Commit to Vote, and Open Progress. The videos went viral, getting attention and shares by prominent figures and celebrities like Chelsea Handler.

Locally, in an area long considered to be a Republican stronghold, we collaborated with OPRO by Open Progress on design, animations and video bumpers for a series of viral videos for progressive challenger Katie Porter. 


Video Production
Art Direction
Graphic Design



Jenifer Lewis did indeed go viral. With more than 8 million ad impressions, 305,000 completed views, and 100,000 visits to, her ad was the best performing piece of get-out-the-vote content that Commit to Vote's national program ran.

After a neck-and-neck race that lasted an additional 9 days after the polls closed and thousands of mail-in ballots were counted, Katie Porter won the 45th congressional district in Orange County, becoming the first Democrat to hold office there.  The “Beaches” video was viewed in full more than 37,000 times on Facebook and Instagram alone.

Get your ass out and vote. Campaign featured state-specific and national videos.


Animated logo for Katie Porter.

“The animation by Kilter allowed for a visceral connection to the question being posed by Katie: who do you trust to protect our Orange County jewel — our beaches and ocean front?  In a race that was won by under 10,000 votes, this work mattered.”



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