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Drucker School of Management

Claremont Graduate University is home to a close academic community, competitive programs and a beautiful liberal arts campus. One of its central schools of thought is at The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management. The timeless wisdom of Peter Drucker is embedded in much of the school's curriculum and communication, and they wanted a fresh, modern message-driven campaign to supplement those classic principles. Kilter partnered with the school to bring new relevance to those ideals in today's world, with an aim to boost awareness and engagement across social media and, ultimately, increase applications from a growing audience.

After conducting interviews and researching the competitive landscape, we kept coming back to a famous Peter Drucker quote: Management is a liberal art. That idea served as a foundational part of this campaign, which took on a humorous tone. The messaging pokes fun at corporate jargon and business lingo, while highlighting the school as a place for substance and deeper understanding. Also hidden in the complex patterns are nods to clipart and visual cliches frequently found in the business world. The School was thrilled with the #notmylingo direction, and quickly found consensus to launch the campaign, which is now running on the school's social media channels.


Art Direction
Graphic Design
Social Media


“We hired Kilter because we wanted a fresh and contemporary voice telling the story for the Drucker School of Management. We have been delighted with the quality of the creative.”