Walnut Creek E.C.O.

Brand Identity

The city leaders of Walnut Creek sought out a new way to talk about climate change. A leader in sustainability, Walnut Creek took the opportunity to publicize and popularize critical initiatives designed to improve the local economy, environment and public health. As the government’s language often colors perception and shapes attitudes around climate issues, Walnut Creek felt a responsibility to communicate clearly and effectively in the fight against global warming.

With a topic that’s both polarizing and urgent, it’s essential the branding and language are chosen with care. We teamed up with Walnut Creek to bring a lightness and innovation to the presentation of sustainability-related topics. We steered away from politicized labels and “green” shorthands, in favor of the adaptable acronym E.C.O. As an umbrella brand, Walnut Creek’s E.C.O. promotes essential initiatives across many different departments. From E.C.O.mmuting with public transit to conserving water, the new Walnut Creek brand identity flexed to support all new website copywriting, printed brochures, and program fliers. The result is a bright and inviting brand identity designed to reach residents across the city (and the aisle).


Art Direction

“Kilter’s team helped Walnut Creek to create a fresh, new sustainability brand and visual identity that reflects our community’s values. The project team was responsive, creative, and kept the project moving.”
Sustainability Coordinator, Walnut Creek

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Weho OUT Zones

As part of our ongoing collaboration, Kilter partnered with the city to develop a strong consumer-facing brand for its recently launched WeHo OUT Zone program.


From the moment we first heard about Bendable we wanted to be part of it. Critical resources made free for all community members? Sign us up! As a lifelong learning platform committed to being accessible to all, Bendable was conceptualized by the Drucker Institute and brought to life at the local level.