What are you grateful for?

Oakwood School

Annual Report & Annual Fund Appeal

We partnered with Oakwood School to craft a compelling narrative for their annual report and fund appeal. Focusing on the idea of gratitude we designed an annual report that highlighted stories from members of the Oakwood community, giving them a platform to talk about what Oakwood means to them. It also became an opportunity for the school to reflect back gratitude to the parents, alumni, and students who do so much to support them. We paired this narrative with a colorful and vibrant visual language that captured the energetic and pluralistic spirit of the school. Building on that narrative we developed a multi-touchpoint campaign to launch Oakwood’s annual fund appeal creating a consistency of storytelling that helped to drive engagement and giving. 


Publication Design
Video Production
Motion Graphics
Direct Mail

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The Webb Schools

Webb is a rich and complex institution whose core appeal can’t be reduced to a simple tagline. To fully tell Webb’s story we needed to craft an identity system as innovative and multi-faceted as Webb itself.

Walden School rebrand by Kilter

Walden School

Walden School nurtures a child’s natural wonder and personal dignity. Driven by these educational values, Kilter recently refreshed the Walden brand with an updated identity system and logo .