Bring Adventure to the Surface

National Museum of the Surface Navy

Capital Campaign

The future home of the National Museum of the Surface Navy is aboard a bona fide battleship, right on the water. This historic location is brought alive by the countless crew members who volunteer their time; the perfect place to commemorate and celebrate all that the Surface Navy does. But first, they needed a compelling capital campaign to raise the support and profile of this organization. We partnered with the Surface Navy team to find a contemporary approach to their storytelling to position this museum in the present, cognizant of the challenges faced by historical museums to maintain relevancy.

The supporters of the National Museum of the Surface Navy are from all walks of life, and we sought to create a fundraising piece to reflect that. We built a custom printed piece in lieu of a typical brochure, allowing for modularity and easily refreshed content. Building a sizable container that holds a series of cards allowed each piece to be customized for the donor. Each of the cards leads with a human-centric story that makes the case for the value of the Surface Navy, so deserving of a “tenacious tribute.”


Art Direction
Publication Design

“We partnered with Kilter because we wanted something different. I’m impressed with what they delivered: an unconventional and modular fundraising piece that can be customized for each of our unique donors!”
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