Change the Game.

Los Angeles Southwest College

Inspirational Mailer

Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC) was created two years after the Watts rebellion, in response to complaints that not enough educational resources were available to residents in South L.A. LASC has since become a community resource; however, the college’s expanding offerings remained unknown to prospective students in the surrounding neighborhoods.

One such offering, The Promise program, offers 2 years of free college as part of an exciting new initiative that the college sought to promote, as 70% of students are at or below the poverty level. Key to the college’s founding are principles of social justice and equity in education, and we sought to translate those principles in provocative language that addressed audiences directly. This isn’t a charity, it’s an investment. We focused LASC’s inspirational mailer around the Promise Program with a motivational, forward-looking tone to communicate the impact and outcome of alums from the community. The new LASC inspirational mailer reached thousands of prospective students with a message of understanding and encouragement to believe in themselves.


Graphic Design
Creative Direction
Publication Design

“Students from this community are not expected to go to Harvard. Sometimes those expectations lead to the reality of our community... We need more people to defy those expectations.”

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