Kidspace Children’s Museum

Annual Fund 2019

Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena is such a joyful place for play and exploration, and we sought to bring that joy to their latest fundraising campaign. As the museum entered their 40th year, we sought to celebrate this milestone with an annual fund campaign that touted “40 Years of Play!” We crafted a thoughtful roll-fold brochure that paces out their story strategically, showcasing the impact of donor support as it unfolds. Playful illustrations supplement the photography and interact with elements in the photos, amplifying their impact and making them come to life. Kidspace easily met their goal with this campaign, raising $40k in just 40 days!

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Graphic Design

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Cayton Children’s Museum

To promote the launch of the new Cayton Children’s Museum, we started by defining a flexible system that highlights that experience and is easy to adapt to all types of content — whether it’s renderings, fabrication photos, or videos of press coverage. In developing the visual language for the campaign, we pulled from the playful, colorful stripes that are woven throughout the identity to develop immersive backdrops reminiscent of children’s book illustrations.