30 years of never giving up.


Homeless Outreach Campaign

HOPICS (Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System) is a homeless outreach organization that has been the go-to resource for the South LA communities for over 30 years. Started by a veteran who was living on the streets, HOPICS is uniquely positioned as knowledgeable advocates of individuals experiencing homelessness. Kilter partnered with HOPICS on a homeless outreach campaign to drive awareness for their work in the community and celebrate the impact they’ve had on the lives of thousands of individuals in need. We started with the original gold color of the team’s hats back when they were a street outreach team, and painted the campaign with that striking and familiar look. After interviewing several folks who have been helped by HOPICS, we crafted messaging that spoke to the organization’s warmth and comprehensive eye to the myriad of needs one faces while homeless. The campaign launched at their 30th anniversary and continues to roll out across their website and social media channels.


Graphic Design

"Kilter was a great partner. After listening to our needs they created a bold campaign that reflects who we are and helps us tell our story in a compelling way."
— Veronica Lewis
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