Glendale Tech Week

Kilter partnered with the City of Glendale to promote their third annual Glendale Tech Week event. After meeting with committee members and speaking to residents and business owners, we sought to create a strong visual narrative to distinguish the event, and the city. Known more for its shopping than its tech, Glendale faced awareness and perception challenges that called for something bold and innovative. Ultimately, we created a striking blue campaign designed to stand out, with pixelating elements and fun illustrations that played out across the campaign, website, and identity materials. Playful messaging calls out Glendale as the Jewel City 2.0, and reflects a comfort with and understanding of the tech space in Glendale, when innovation peaks in the silicon mountains. The outcome? Attendance AND sponsorships more than doubled from the previous year, a big win for the community! Visit the website


Art Direction
Graphic Design
Media Planning
Event Design

“The Kilter Team elevated the messaging and enhanced the look to reflect the edginess we needed for the Third Annual Glendale Tech Week, and went above and beyond to understand our needs. It has been a great partnership!”
Principal Economic Development Officer, City of Glendale

One of many early rounds of messaging and design exploration at our office.

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Weho OUT Zones

As part of our ongoing collaboration, Kilter partnered with the city to develop a strong consumer-facing brand for its recently launched WeHo OUT Zone program.

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Challenge: rebrand a 65 year old company with innovation while not compromising their homegrown identity.