Fight to #GetCovered

The Trump Administration cut 90% of’s advertising budget, so we’re helping out. Download artwork below that you can share, print & post.

Health insurance is a universal need. Although progress has been made to expand affordable health coverage in America, we remain one of the few developed nations without universal healthcare. And that progress is now in jeopardy.


When the Trump administration announced it was cutting the outreach budget for healthcare enrollment by 90%, we felt a need to act. This would be a major setback for universal healthcare, considering a recently uncovered Health and Human Services Department report which found that ads drove 37% of new enrollees last year.

In response to this appalling news, we’ve created a campaign of downloadable pieces you can easily share, print and post.

Dramatically slashing the advertising budget could mean  a loss of 1.1 million enrollees this year according to Josh Peck, who served as’s chief marketing officer under Obama. That would be a major blow to marketplaces, where 9.2 million people chose coverage last season.

In response to this appalling news, we’ve created a campaign of downloadable posters, images and gifs that you can easily share, print and post. In lieu of numbers and stats, we took a more visual, illustrated and fun approach to drive awareness with the headline “Don’t be the one without coverage.”

Open Enrollment flyer by Kilter
Healthcare campaign sharable image by Kilter

“Surprise: advertising works!” Peck wrote as he outlined the effectiveness of web ads for outreach, estimating these will be cut by around 75% due to the budget cuts. Thus, we are buying online inventory and boosting social media to promote open enrollment, and have purchased bus shelter ads and bus ads in select areas to aid in spreading awareness.

Healthcare campaign bus shelter by Kilter
Healthcare campaign bus shelter by Kilter
Healthcare campaign Facebook post by Kilter

Please join us in spreading awareness for the Open Enrollment season. Post a flier. Tweet a gif. Tell the world that 8 out of 10 enrollees qualify for financial assistance. That the enrollment period has been slashed from 12 weeks down to just 6 (Nov 1–Dec 15). And that the deadline is fast approaching!

Open Enrollment image by Kilter
Open Enrollment image by Kilter
Healthcare campaign Facebook photo frame by Kilter

We've created a special #GetCovered frame for Facebook. Search "healthcare" under "Add Frame" to update your profile pic and add the filter to your Facebook camera.

Healthcare campaign t-shirt by Kilter

We cannot afford to sit back and watch our friends and families lose coverage while the path to universal healthcare is sabotaged. It’s time to take a stand.

Artwork courtesy of Kilter and free for anyone to use, and reuse 🙂 Click below to download a package of shareable digital and print assets.

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Header photo by Thiago Cerqueira on Unsplash

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