Drucker Institute

Brand Identity

The philosophies of the legendary Peter Drucker have transcended him, resonating with a new generation of leaders who may not even know his name. But his people-first teachings in business and management continue to inspire and shape us all. As we’ve worked with Drucker Institute over the years, the organization has evolved and flexed to focus on key areas of strengthening society as a social enterprise. As their branding partners, our task is to put in place a visual and verbal representation of its brand that can grow along with it, reflecting and celebrating the Institute’s critical role in society.

The new Drucker Institute brand identity takes its cues from these values, and leads with a strong voice and tagline: Manage with courage. The visual identity is expansive to maximize and modernize the Institute’s presence in the ever-changing landscape of the digital age. A multi-dimensional language of patterns, color, illustration and challenging statements define Drucker Institute’s rebrand and position the new website, brochures, social media, and digital collateral all behind a strong cause and bold identity.


Media Planning
Print Design
Web Design
Environmental Design
Motion Graphics

“Equipped with knowledge and collateral from the Kilter team, the Drucker Institute has raised millions of dollars, built sustainable lines of business and, ultimately, delivered on our mission for thousands of customers.”

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