Cayton Children’s Museum

Cayton Children’s Museum is an iconic museum opening in Santa Monica where the collection is not the artwork, but the kids. The kids bring the joy, the awe, energy… they complete the experience. To promote the launch of the new Cayton Children’s Museum, we started by defining a flexible system that highlights that experience and is easy to adapt to all types of content — whether it’s renderings, fabrication photos, or videos of press coverage. In developing the visual language for the campaign, we pulled from the playful, colorful stripes that are woven throughout the identity to develop immersive backdrops reminiscent of children’s book illustrations. The campaign celebrates their commitment to hands-on learning and teases out the upcoming exhibits such as Courage Climbers with the phrase: “Play turns netting into courage.” By focusing on the power of imagination and play, we sought to capture that spirit of interaction and adventure. Along with defining tonal and visual guidelines, we also teamed up with Cayton Children’s Museum to plan their social media coverage of major events and stay on point by mapping out their monthly calendar.


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Cayton Newsletter
“We have been so impressed with the thoughtful strategy, narrative and vibrant visuals that Kilter has created for us — it's playful and fun, yet elevated to distinguish us from other children’s museums. Kilter has really helped to fuel excitement for our launch and beyond.”
— Carly Harrill
Director of Philanthropy, Cayton Children's Museum

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