Can your house really reduce global warming?


CarbonShack is a new kind of architecture firm, one that represents a holistic approach to green design. CarbonShack’s designs maximize the use of reclaimed, recycled, and low impact materials and employ highly efficient systems to reduce the environmental footprint of residential buildings.


Web Design

CarbonShack identity designed by Kilter.

Kilter partnered with CarbonShack to launch their brand with a streamlined consumer-friendly visual identity. The system we crafted is based on the principle of balancing rigorous data and joyful form and was inspired by the same natural aesthetics that inform CarbonShack’s work.

CarbonShack identity designed by Kilter.

We also worked with CarbonShack to develop a website that goes far beyond the typical architectural portfolio. In addition to showcasing their work, the site features a robust set of data tools for understanding and improving your home’s environmental impact. We partnered with Rosten Woo & Tiffanie Tran to create deceptively simple infographics that presented complex layered data sets in the form of easy-to-understand data visualizations.

CarbonShack website designed by Kilter.
CarbonShack website designed by Kilter.
CarbonShack identity designed by Kilter.
CarbonShack website designed by Kilter.

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