Brand Launch

For over two decades YesVideo has been on a mission to help customers preserve and share their favorite memories with hassle-free digital conversion of home movies, photos, and other legacy media. Through partnerships with major retailers including Walmart, Sam’s Club, CVS, and Costco, YesVideo has become the most trusted and experienced player in their field.

Kilter partnered with YesVideo to launch a new direct-to-consumer brand, Capture. We positioned Capture as more than just a technical service, focusing instead on the joyful experience of preserving & sharing treasured memories with loved ones. To drive this message home we crafted a tone of voice centered on the emotional impact of the product and an exuberant visual language that made literal the connections between yesterday and today.


Product Naming
Website Design
Packaging Design
Motion Graphics
Media Planning

Capture website designed by Kilter.
Capture billboard designed by Kilter.
Capture DVD packaging designed by Kilter.
Capture Time Capsule packaging designed by Kilter.
“Kilter has a genuine passion and skill for helping organizations connect with their audience. We were impressed! They helped us gain consensus on the best logo, graphics, messaging, and overall look.”
Capture booklet designed by Kilter.
Capture Time Capsule packaging designed by Kilter.
Capture Time Capsule point of purchase display designed by Kilter.
Capture t-shirt designed by Kilter.

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Post Alarm

Challenge: rebrand a 65 year old company with innovation while not compromising their homegrown identity.