Launch Campaign

Avoca’Do is delicious plant-based pudding made with fresh avocados and rich dark chocolate. Vegan, kosher and, free of cholesterol, dairy, and gluten Avoca’Do is an indulgent snack that you don’t have to feel bad about eating. Kilter partnered with Avoca’Do to craft a compelling campaign that would launch them into a new market. Rather than foregrounding Avoca’Do’s health benefits β€” which are obvious to most consumers β€” we focused on conveying just how delicious the unlikely pairing of chocolate and avocado are. With a cheeky tone of voice focused more on taste than calorie counting and product photography that showed off the simple natural ingredients we created an eye-catching and ownable launch campaign.


Art Direction
Graphic Design
Motion Graphics

Avoca'Do launch campaign by Kilter
Avoca'Do launch campaign by Kilter
β€œThe talented team at Kilter were invaluable and truly effective in helping launch our product in a new market, gain attention on social media, and double our sales in the targeted stores.”
Avoca'Do launch campaign by Kilter
Avoca'Do launch campaign by Kilter

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