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Kilter is a curious design agency that arms good organizations with better communication tools.


We ask a lot of questions.


We design things that work.


We shape with words.

Scripps College

Scripps approached us for help in rolling out the resulting vision plan to the broader college community through a printed piece and a dedicated microsite.

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City of STEM 2021

City of STEM is LA’s largest free-to-attend STEM program. Their mission is to make STEM curriculum available to learners of all ages, and to inspire young folks to consider a career in STEM by exposing them to what is possible and by giving them insight into what a career in STEM looks like.

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California Institute of the Arts

We were thrilled to promote the inaugural Discover Studio Art and Discover Animation programs for California Institute of the Arts. This program is an intensive experience that allows young artists an opportunity to engage with new and innovative art while thinking critically about what makes it art and developing their individual artistic voice, and so we sought to create an interactive design that revealed different messages as it was erased.

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